Our Graduates

Who are our students

Our primary target audience is Ethiopian Israeli women and men aged 21-35 from all over Israel, who have graduated high school and completed their military or national service.

Tech-Career's Training Model includes:

Professional technology training courses

which provide practical hands-on experience. Placement assistance to ensure optimal employment of graduates in professional positions in the industry

An atmosphere of success

Tech-Career's model limits external distractions and ensures that students devote their undivided attention to their challenging studies. This includes stipends, housing arrangements and more.

Career development program

which includes: workshops, job interview simulations, visits to high tech companies, internships and mentoring by experienced high tech professionals.

Volunteering and community involvement

Tech-Career students give back to the community through various social and volunteer activities. After they graduate and begin their careers, many return to volunteer as tutors and mentors for Tech-Career students.

Meet Our Graduates

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