Quality Assurance

The manual and automated software testing course provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge to create and implement software testing processes.

Full Stack Software Development

Tech-Career’s flagship course provides a comprehensive approach to web development through in-depth study and hands-on practical drills which create the foundation for pursuing advanced applications in the field. Course curriculum includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Nod.JS, among other subjects.

Cisco DevNet Engineers

With the evolution of communications technology networking platforms network professionals are now expected to have in depth programming knowledge in order to provide technological solutions for various communications network needs. The 700 hour Cisco DevNet Engineer course trains students to develop technology skills to optimize and write network applications.


the field of cyber security has grown in recent years and with it the demand for trained cyber professionals. Tech-Career has joined this trend with two innovative courses: Cyber Security Operations Center Experts and Cyber Security Practitioners

Courses for new audiences

Tech-Career is extending our successful model to new audiences with the potential and motivation to succeed in Israeli high tech industries:

  • Ethiopian Israelis…
  • With tech academic degrees but without networks, practical tools and/or soft skills necessary to succeed in the industry
  • Single mothers
  • Additional population groups with little or no access to the high tech industry: Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, special needs and social periphery

Fast facts about our courses:

Courses are carried out in collaboration with industry leaders

Courses are 400-800 hours long

24/7 access to state-of-the art computer labs

20-22 students in each class

How we measure success

  1. Certification and placement: at least 85% of graduates pass international certification exams; at least 85% of graduates are employed in the industry within six months of course completion
  2. Graduates are employed at a variety of top companies, including: Intel, Bynet, IBM, ironSource, Oracle, Check point, HP, Wix and more.
  3. Job retention and career development: Our records show that 95% of graduates remain in their companies for at least two years and once they gain experience, move on to management or “expert” positions
  4. A financial springboard: Tech-Career graduates earn salaries well above the Israeli average. Initial salaries for our graduates range from ILS 8,000-14,500, well above their previous income. After about one year, salaries increase by 20-50% and may double within two years.


Graduates are employed at a variety of top companies

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