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High tech is one of the most in demand and rewarding fields in the Israeli job market -- but it remains out of bounds for many Ethiopian Israeli young adults because of socio-economic constraints. Tech-Career was established by and for Ethiopian Israelis in 2002 to provide professional training programs that offer graduates an entry ticket into high-tech, generating remarkable social mobility for the entire community.

Tech-Career's training model includes:

  Professional technology training courses (link to below) which provide practical hands-on experience.

    An atmosphere of succes  Tech-Career’s model limits external distractions and ensures that students devote their undivided attention to their challenging studies. This includes stipends, housing arrangements and more.

    Career development program which includes: workshops, job interview simulations, visits to high tech companies, internships and mentoring by experienced high tech professionals.

   Placement assistance to ensure optimal employment of graduates in professional positions in the industry.

   Volunteering and community involvement  Tech-Career students give back to the community through various social and volunteer activities. After they graduate and begin their careers, many return to volunteer as tutors and mentors for Tech-Career students.


The placement rate of Tech-Career graduates is 93% (an increase of over 27% in the past five years)

In the past five years, 95% of Tech-Career students completed their courses successfully and 93% passed international certification exams

Over 550 graduates have integrated into the high tech industry -- most are the first in their families to have done so

Tech-Career's technological training programs have enabled more than 750 Ethiopian Israeli young adults to attain and advance in promising professional careers in Israel’s high-tech industry

Courses for new audiences

Tech-Career is extending our successful model to new audiences with the potential and motivation to succeed in Israeli high tech industries:

  • Ethiopian Israelis…
  • With tech academic degrees but without networks, practical tools and/or soft skills necessary to succeed in the industry
  • Single mothers
  • Additional population groups with little or no access to the high tech industry: Arabs, ultra-Orthodox, special needs and social periphery



How we measure success

Certification and placement

at least 85% of graduates pass international certification exams; at least 85% of graduates are employed in the industry within six months of course completion

Job retention and career development

Our records show that 95% of graduates remain in their companies for at least two years and once they gain experience, move on to management or "expert" positions

Graduates are employed at a variety of top companies

Our records show that 95% of graduates remain in their companies for at least two years and once they gain experience, move on to management or "expert" positions

A financial springboard

Tech-Career graduates earn salaries well above the Israeli average. Initial salaries for our graduates range from ILS 8,000-14,500, well above their previous income. After about one year, salaries increase by 20-50% and may double within two years.