Yisrael Mengistu

QA course graduate, 2008

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What brought you to Tech-Career?

I’ve always been interested in computers. In high school, I majored in Biology and Computer Science. Then when I was in the army, I spoke with a cousin, who was a student at Tech-Career at the time. From what he told me, Tech-Career seemed great, interesting and suitable for me and the kind of career I was aiming for. So when I finished my service I applied.


What do you do today and where do you see yourself in the future, career-wise?

The course I took was in cooperation with John Bryce College. In the framework of Tech-Career’s partnership with them, they suggested I participate in a pilot program to train an outstanding student as to be a house lecturer. After the training period, I lectured for John Bryce for two years and realized I really like teaching.

After teaching for two years, I decided to combine it with practical work at a high tech company in order to gain technical knowledge and experience. I worked in manual and automated QA positions at startups, at Matrix and Retalix, 888 and Como. I took on management positions – at Como I was a team leader and at BringBring I was the QA department head.

An entrepreneur at heart, I decided to take the plunge and use the knowledge I accumulated in my ten years in the industry to realize my dream. Today I own a consulting company, BUGit, which offers a variety of services: testing project management for companies in various fields (medicine, finance, retail and more), implementing testing and automation processes, training QA professionals (both inexperienced and experienced). I am also a partner in a startup in the Data Science field which I really believe in.

Throughout the years, I have continued my involvement with Tech-Career – as a member, as a volunteer tutor and mentor and as a QA teacher. Since I opened my company, I also involve Tech-Career students and graduates in some of my projects, and this allows them to gain experience that will help them integrate into the field.


What did the course mean for you?

It was extremely significant. It was one of the best and most important decisions I ever made, both personally and professionally. I got to where I am today thanks to Tech-Career and I grew and matured. I came to Tech-Career at the age of 22. I lived in dorms with my peers and that makes you grow up, take responsibility and deal with the pressure of many different tasks and a tight timetable.


What’s your tip for course graduates just starting out in high tech?

Professionally, the most important thing is to keep learning and gaining more expertise. Technologically speaking, Tech-Career is just the beginning; things get even more challenging later on. You need to be in a mode of constant learning, hold on to your personal values and always remember: “Nothing is impossible, I’M possible!”


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