Yaffa Balete

Web-Windows course graduate, 2017

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What brought you to Tech-Career?

When I completed my National Service, I began thinking about what I’d like to do in the future. I knew that the high tech world offers a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and saw myself joining the field. After doing quite a bit of research, I came to Tech-Career. I connected to the vision and platform Tech-Career offers and when I talked to staff, I understood that it was right for me, started the application process and was accepted.


What did the course mean for you?

The supplementary services Tech-Career offers made the experience really powerful for me. Beyond the course itself, which was full of professional educational content, there was accompaniment by volunteer tutors, experts from the field, who were available to us 24/7. There was also career preparation including job interview simulations, and visits to high tech companies during which we made connections which were useful for getting jobs afterwards.

What do you do today and where do you see yourself in the future, career-wise?

Starting out I was a bit concerned how I would manage but I quickly realized I had found my place. This is my second year working at IBM and I really like my job and the company. I’m also doing a BA in Industrial Management at Sapir College.

In the future, I see myself advancing in the field. I would really like to work in southern Israel and believe the south will continue to develop and that there will be more great jobs.


What’s your tip for course graduates just starting out in high tech?

From my experience, when you finish the program, it’s important to make a big effort in your job search and not give up, even if it takes time. It’s important to keep on learning and developing professionally and personally.

“Always stay enthusiastic and motivated because things can only get better…”


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